Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual world?
A virtual world is a site where kids can create a visual representation for themselves (an Avatar) and meet other kids who enter the site at the same time. You can imagine an online playing ground where you interact with other kids, play and may develop your character over time.
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What is so different about ekoloko?
The main thing that makes ekoloko different is its content. Every word, game, or quest at ekoloko goes through an ecological, social or community filter and was developed to be fit for kids. In addition, ekoloko may be a virtual world but it deals with issues that are taken from the real world.
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How do the kids communicate with each other?
ekoloko is a multi lingual platform allowing every kid to communicate in their own mother tongue. Kids may chat with each other but the chat is limited to public areas and kids can not go into private rooms. If they want to address a friend in private they can select a message from a pre-defined list of options.
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What exactly do the kids do there?
ekoloko offers a wide range of activities that your kids may decide to do on any given day. These activities include personalizing their avatar, hanging out with friends, going on adventures which are composed of single and multi player games, or wondering around and discovering the world. Completing activities will reward the kids with activity points which allow them to move up to the next levels and with Kokos which is the world currency and allows kids to buy clothes and accessories for their characters.
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Is it dangerous?
Our number one priority is to provide your kids with a safe environment. For us this means mainly that your kids’ personal details remain completely personal and that the environment is pleasant, supportive and not intimidating. We implement a system that combines technology, live moderation and ongoing education to make sure our strict safety standards are met.
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Does ekoloko cost money?
Registration and entry to ekoloko is and will remain free of charge. However, your kids will be offered to join the elite group of Pioneers who take upon themselves to discover the new frontiers of ekoloko. Becoming a pioneer requires the payment of membership fees.
It is important to note that part of the Pioneer’s membership fees is dedicated to the ekoloko Fund which donates money to social and environmental causes in the real world.

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What is the ekoloko fund?
One of the main issues in the company's vision is keeping ekoloko in touch with the real world. This is why our story line is based upon true problems humanity is facing such as, garbage disposal, poaching, global warming and many more. The ekoloko fund is another way to get the kids involved. The funds are based on Pioneers membership fees, and the kids get to decide on a periodic basis whether to donate it to an organization related to earth, animals or other kids. The decision mechanism is based on elections, exposing kids to values such as making and impact and democracy
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Who are the ekoloko Rangers?
The ekoloko rangers are kids who wished to become more active in the ekolokian community. Kids that qualify to become members receive in-world training and take on responsibilities like helping new users and making sure that the rules of conduct are observed. They can be identified through an angel's halo over their heads.
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